Media production is part of the services that Techknowledge Canada Provides. In media production, we provide several services such as:
  • Creating media contents for advertising purposes. This content can be in a form of videos, photos or animated pictures.
  • Creating media contents for self promotion, personal, professional, or work purposes. This kind of content can be in a form of videos and photos that can used for different purposes and can be posted in social media groups as permanent feeds or stories.
  • Having the capacity to produce contents in different styles such as a formal or vlogging style.
  • Creating a documentary content about places or companies.
  • Creating a customized content for particular platform such as: TV, Youtube, Instgram, Tiktok or Facebook.
  • Designing flyers, banners and Posters and animated pictures.
  • We use the latest technologies to produce attractive content such as: slow motion, Action, cinematic and drone shots with sound effects.
  • We use different kinds of equipment such as: 4K camera, action cameras, drones, Rode wireless mics.
  • In addition to the production of the media content, we have the ability to spread the created content to around 35000 active real followers in Ottawa.
  • We have the experienced team to make professional video editing.

What make us different:

  • We have the members who are creative and have the media-oriented minds.
  • We have the experience to deal with different kinds of media contents and types.
  • We have the competent team who get the most out of the client for best production.
  • Our team is very qualified to take the best possible shots.
  • We have the equipments that can help to produce high quality contents.

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