Course Information

Course Overview
This course will help participants to design and develop databases. It starts by explaining basic concepts about the database, followed by the methodologies and steps about database design that will be explained by going though conceptual, logical and physical designs. Even though database design might seem confusing and complex, this course will provide you with our secret easy, steps-by-steps rules that were developed and tested throughout many years. Design will be followed by learning implementation techniques. Participants will be shown how to install the PostgreSQL database management system. After that, they will be shown how to develop/build the designed database practically using the SQL language. This course is prepared with many real-life examples and case studies to be used in the explanation. At the same time, there will be a lot of practical exercises and small projects to help in strengthening the understanding of the concepts.


  • What is a database?
  • How do databases exist?
  • Data, information and knowledge
  • Database types/models
  • Database applications
  • Database and ERP systems

  • Database design:

  • Conceptual design:
  •          What is an entity?
             What is an attribute?
             Identifiers & keys
      - Primary key (P.K)
      - Foreign key (F.K)
      - Surrogate key
             Identifying relationships
  • Logical design:
  •          Building relationships
      - Maximum cardinality
            - One to one
            - One to many
            - Many to many
      - Minimum cardinality
            - Zero
            - One
      - Entity relationship diagrams (ERDs)
      - Normalization
  • Physical design

  • Database implementation:

  • SQL Language
  • MySQL Installation
  • Database development with SQL DDL statements
  •          Creating tables
             Creating columns
             Creating relationships
             Assigning PKs & FKs
    Who should take this course?
    This course is important for:
  • Professional who need to deals with designing databases.
  • Professional who need to deals with creating databases.
  • Professional who is concerned with storing data.
  • Professional who is concerned with retrieving data.
  • The course delivery method
    The course is available with the following modes:
  • Online live instructor-led mode:
  • The course will be delivered using ZOOM application. Participants are required to install ZOOM application to their computers.

  • Face to face instructor-led mode:
  • The course will be held in a training venue at reputable hotel or business center. The participants will be informed about the venue details after registration. Participants are required to bring their own computing devices. This option is available for Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto.
    One day, from 9 am - 5 pm , including refreshments and lunch break.
    Software requirements
    Participants are required to have the following software to be installed prior to the course session:
    - ZOOM
    - MySQL

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