Course Information

Course Overview
This course will help the trainer to learn Business Intelligence from scratch. It starts first with explaining what Business Intelligence is?, The frame work of it, its main processes and phases. After that, it goes through the database phase, where the database concepts and terminologies get described. Also, learning database design concepts takes place in this phase. After that, the course goes through learning DML SQL Queries that help to extract and retrieve data from data stores to load them to the reporting and Business Intelligence tools. After that, the last phase explains how to use Microsoft Power BI platform to complete the rest of the Business Intelligence operations. This phase demonstrates how to clean and transform data, store procedures on data, integrate date from different resources, create data models, and create multiple types of automated reports and visualizations. it also shows how to publish reports and visualizations with the corporate and team using the secured Power BI platform.


  • What is Business Intelligence?
  • Installing Power BI Desktop
  • What Microsoft Power BI?

Database design concepts

  • Entities
  • Attributes
  • Records
  • PKs
  • FKs
  • Cardinality/Relationships
  • Conceptual design
  • Logical design

Data extraction and retrieval

  • Select statements
  • Where statements
  • Like statements
  • Sorting data
  • Aggregate statements
  • Group by statements
  • Join statements

BI processes and operations

  • Connecting to multiple data sources
  • Extraction, transformation and loading (ETL)
    • Data cleaning:
      • Dealing with null values
      • Dealing with data that has errors
      • Removing duplicates
    • Changing data type
    • Combining data VS Merging data
      • Options for combining data with append queries
      • Options for merging data using join concepts with merge queries
    • Renaming headers and datasets
    • Replacing values
    • Splitting columns options
    • Create query groups
    • Creating reference queries
    • Creating duplicate queries
    • Creating different data models
    • Adding conditional columns
    • Adding duplicate columns
    • Adding calculated columns
    • Defining data categories
    • Pivoting and Unpivoting columns
    • Applied steps tool capabilities
    • Tips and tricks for filtering data
    • Removing rows and columns
  • Data Modelling
    • Star schema
    • Fact tables
    • Dimension tables
  • Creating Reports and Visualizations
    • Exploring visualizations
    • Multi-level filtering
    • Visualizations interactivity features
    • Creating hierarchies
    • Exploring drill-down capabilities
  • Sharing reports and visualizations


Who should take this course?
This course is important for:
  • Owners who are running business
  • Managers who want to create thier own reporting systems
  • For student or those who are looking for good job opportunities
  • For people who want to create reports one time only and they can open it any time updated
  • For people who want to understand thier business better
  • For people who want to analyze thier data in fast and easy way
  • For people who want to integrate thier data from different resources
  • For people who want to create interactive reports and dashboards
  • For people who want to manage and organize data
  • For people who need to deal with data in the databases and datastores
  • For people who need to know how retrieve and extract data from databases and different data sources
  • Professionals who need to deal with data and data stores.
  • The course delivery method
    This course be delivered in face to face mode
    Course venue
    The course be Held in the venue at:
    2500 Campeau Dr, Kanata, ON K2K 2W3
    Duration & times
    The training includes 10 training hours in the following times(face to face):
    5:15 PM – 7:45 PM, Tue, 11 Oct
    5:15 PM – 7:45 PM, Thu, 13 Oct
    5:15 PM – 7:45 PM, Tue, 18 Oct
    5:15 PM – 7:45 PM, Thu, 20 Oct
    Participants are required to bring their own computer, with having Microsoft Excel (2016 or higher) and Microsoft Access (2016 or higher) installed on them.
    Course prerequisites
    This course doesn't need any prior technical knowledge or experience as it starts teaching from scratch. Therefore, any one can attend it.
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