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What is SEO

SEO is a simple abbreviation of search engine optimization. SEO helps to improve a website's online visibility. In multiple search engines like Google and Bing, we rank your site. High ranking means maximum chance to be visited. More visits and vice versa more traffic.

SEO services types

On-page SEO

Your site needs visible on-page factors for ranking, such as
    • Meta description
    • page title
    • On engaging page content
    • Attractive headings

Off-page SEO

For your site off-page service comprises elements of optimization that are not directly related to the page but have a vital impact on your site. These elements are
    • Backlinks
    • Social media

Technical SEO

Your site needs to perform technically well, and some factors impact on site's ranking, such as
    • Speed of website
    • Code efficiency
    • Mobile responsiveness

Our SEO services

Tech knowledge is an online serving company that handles your website from start to end. We offer our services like
    • Custom strategy
    • SEO audit
    • Competitor analysis
    • Off-page optimization
    • Monthly report

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