Course Information

Program overview
Introducing our Young Coders Program (YCP) - an innovative training initiative tailored specifically for children to delve into the captivating world of Web Development Programming. Crafted by industry experts in both the realms of technology and education, this program aims to offer young learners an engaging and enriching experience. With a practical approach and a myriad of hands-on activities, our curriculum ensures that children not only grasp the fundamentals of coding but also cultivate a genuine passion for the subject. Join us as we empower the next generation of digital innovators with the skills and knowledge to thrive in the digital age.
Program Length
The UCP program has five semesters, each lasting four months.
Study plan

Sem 1: Basics of programming

  • Month 1: What is Programming?
  • Month 2: Introduction to Scratch
  • Month 3: Basic Programming Concepts (Sequencing, Loops, Conditionals)
  • Month 4: Coding Challenges and Projects

  • Sem 2: Getting Started with Web Development

  • Month 1:Introduction to Web Development
  • Month 2: HTML Basics (Tags, Elements, Structure)
  • Month 3: Styling with CSS (Selectors, Properties, Styling
  • Month 4: Coding Challenges and Projects

  • Sem 3: Enhancing Web Pages with JavaScript

  • Month 1: Introduction to JavaScript
  • Month 2: Basic JavaScript Concepts (Variables, Functions, Events)
  • Month 3: Adding Interactivity to Web Pages
  • Month 4: JavaScript Projects and Games

  • Sem 4: Building Interactive Web Applications

  • Month 1: Introduction to DOM Manipulation
  • Month 2: Creating Forms and Handling User Input
  • Month 3: Introduction to APIs and External Data
  • Month 4: Building Simple Web Applications

  • Sem 5:Final Project and Showcase

    At the end of every training month, students will be awarded a certificate as every month will be focusing on a particular topic.
    Age eligibility
    This program is eligible for any one with age of 10 - 17 years old. Participants will be grouped into separate cohorts every three years to minimize age differences among students.
    Training delivery method
    The training will be conducted face-to-face, with a maximum of five students per session.
    Classes schedule
    One session will be held per week, occurring on the weekend, between 10 am - 4 pm. The schedule will be provided upon registration.
    Training location
    The training will be conducted in center located on:
    62 Steacie Dr, Kanata, ON K2K 2A9
    3rd floor, suit11
    Attendance requirement
    The training venue will be equipped with the computers and all other software requirements.
    Registration and Inquiries
    For registration and inquiries you can contact us at:
  • Phone: 613 501 9692
  • Email:

  • For more information call us

    +1 (613) 263-7822